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About engineers pride

About engineers pride

Engineer’s Pride has developed a completely different methodology of transforming an ordinary engineering student into highly skilled engineer. Every single lecture is designed in such a way that even an average/below average student is able to understand the fundamental concepts of engineering effectively. Broadly in the market two types of coaching institutes exist-bigger ones and smaller ones. Bigger ones are working at national level whereas smaller ones are working at local level. Just have a look upon following comparative statement to know the speciality of Engineer’s Pride.

The Chief Mentor of Engineer’s PrideMr. B.Chand is an I.E.S. officer of Indian Railways and former Assistant Commandant of ITB Police force, hold 1st class B.Tech degree in civil engineering from IIT Guwahati. Mr. B.Chand has been actively associated with thousands of engineering graduates in order to provide them quality teaching for ESE, GATE and PSUs examinations in Delhi since 2012. Apart from teaching Mr.B.Chand has got vast experience of working in the field of construction of earth-quake buildings(Sikkim), roads in mountainous regions(Sikkim), water treatment plants, road bridges, railway bridges, rail cum road bridges, railway tracks, railway stations etc. with ITB Police Force, CPWD and Indian Railways. Empowering the youths of India is an inbuilt passion of Mr.B.Chand and that can be realised from his past activities during college days as he had worked over there as Welfare secretary ‘Students Welfare Board IIT Guwahati’, Secretary of Youth Empowerment Club and General Secretary ‘External Affairs’ ACE IIT Guwahati. Mr. B.Chand did not like the working style of other coaching institutes as most of these institutes either have got 500+ students in one single class room or less qualified/inexperienced faculty that simply make the life of any average of below average student very difficult. Mr. B.Chand believes in hard work with due sincerity and honesty not in the cheap advertising tactics, fake result publishing and misleading information like most of the other coaching institutes doing.

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